Our History:

Over 15 years in the making; Men’s Health & Wellness Tips is the premier nutritional and natural medicine teaching and educational media of its kind; anywhere!

Health & Wellness Tips is quite simply; taking very difficult to understand nutritional and natural medicine topics, and making them fun to listen to, easy to understand, very educational, and due to the excellent results; people love to share them with their friends and family.

We accomplish this by living up to our motto “Translating Nutrition and Natural Medicine into English,” no matter what topic we are covering; each and every time we produce an episode! We truly can and do make learning about nutritional topics educational, fun, and interesting.

Our secret is really no secret at all. We start with two of the best-educated teachers in nutrition and natural medicine anywhere on the planet, then we add a “host” (if you will) that acts as the “common man” in the lesson; asking the same questions that our listeners would be asking if they were in attendance. The results are stunning! Our listeners and/or viewers understand topics that up until they listened to an episode; thought they would never be able to grasp.

Your co-hosts for Health & Wellness Tips:

Biochemist, Dave Rousett…

As a Biochemist and nationally recognized radio talk-show host, Dave Rousett has over 30 years of practical experience in the medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and nutrition industry…and is truly one of two voices translating nutrition and natural medicine into English. Dave currently owns and operates one of the best-respected nutrition and supplement stores in the Pacific Northwest. We proudly support and promote Dave’s supplement formulations!

Dr. Chris D. Meletis N.D…

Dave’s co-host is Dr. Chris D. Meletis, a highly sought after guest on national radio and television programs. He’s also an International lecturer, an educator of Physicians from Coast to Coast, and respected author having written 16 books on the topics of nutrition and natural medicine…. and on his quest to change the world’s health – one person at a time, Dr. Meletis was named the Naturopathic Physician of The Year – by his peers in the National Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Your moderator, Rich Wahne…Rich Wahne, Producer

AudioNutrientDigest.com, and all content on Men’s Health and Wellness Tips.com is moderated by Rich Wahne; a major-market radio personality, producer & editor, and voice over talent since the mid 1970’s. He’s also been a performer on stage, television shows, and has been blessed with world-class presentation skills. Rich acts as our “common man” during conversations with our two translators.

Health & Wellness Tips is certainly not unique content, but it is delivered in a very unique fashion and style. It is a style that is very comfortable to listen to; it will always be produced with very comfortable music beds, and is intended for anybody that is interested in learning more about their bodies, and staying as healthy as is possible today. That being said, our promise to you is simple.


Every single episode of Audio Nutrient Digest, and Video Health Tips will be very well researched,
professionally produced and presented, and most of all 100% accurate.

We will never produce an episode of Audio Nutrient Digest or Video Health Tips with any incorrect information!
And we will never produce an episode that puts our reputation, or that of our customer (you) in jeopardy with any regulatory body.

 Your 100% Satisfaction is GUARANTEED!


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